Favorite Links

         http://www.playzone.be   the best shop on earth for LEGO ! Great service and Low prices !!!!!

             http://www.bricklink.com   LEGO and LEGO ! great site ! no shop can beat bricklink they are outstanding !!!

http://www.stringswings.be/   SAY IT WITH A SONG ! The best place for musicinstruments ! Even you can be a rockstar!

www.sex-pistols.net                    my favourite place for news about the cunts

www.jamiereid.org                      my favourite artist !!!!!!

                               what can I say? who can be bigger than sir John? who can beat this guy?
                               in school they told him he would be nothing because his social state and
                               behavior! Hellow poor peoples !!!!! He wrote his own future and what a futrure
                               who lives in malibu next to to the beach ..... I m proud of him 
                               I m proud of all the guys I love them and I always do.

www.guidobelcanto.be   Great Artist and PANTANI LOVER !!!!!! love you gwuido !!!!!!