.... I m a SeX PiStOl and I always be a sex PiStOl when I die I can say I was something....


                                                          in what of world would we live if the pistols never exist??????? worser and quit frankly nothing changed watch the Riots in London!!!!!

the guys back than had something ,an idea ,a spirit but they could not put that in words ! And thats what John did ....
the CHampions League of Punk Music and still nothing that beat them after al these years and there songs are still the truth about whats happening in this world and how peoples and society really is. The were the first who call eatother cunts outright face on and we are we all are!
Belgium never undestand the spirit of the guys and they didnt do it for the money in 1977 but because the were fed up the way they were threated as animals
and they menish to offend all the peoples who ever fuckng fed up with.They are the reason I pick up the guitar and still amuse me and notice that there song are really briljant and catchy and in a couples years peoples here in belgium will understand music and realise that the workingclass is sucked out by the Elite when they are poor .... NOSTRADAMUS? No my dreams are my reality lovely and I dont dream it cause I be it, I hope there will be also another Churchill to save us ....
And yes the do it for the money they are not hypocrite but honest and say it like it is. I think they have done alot and deserve the money

GOD SAVE THE SEX PISTOLS Love you assholes !



My favourite guitar player of all time . I m proud that he made something of his life when after he got serious drugsproblems after the sex pistolsperiod ... M E R C Y

Many people love me, many people hate me - there's nobody in between. That's the way I prefer it.

The Last Rock N Roll Story

A MusicArtist that is undervualed he is my favourte belgium Artist , like his attitude , like his honesty , love his talent,love his motivation, love his songs all those wankers from 10 om te zien are gone with Ludo his retirmentmoney they have made money with songs that are crap and rubbish you know what I mean Koen? I swear I was there in Lokeren in August 2008 LUDO MARIMAN FOREVER AND ALWAYS